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Our Team


As elder mediators within Ireland we believe our role is not simply to settle conflicts or build agreements, but to create choices.  We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing with us insights and experiences gained in many different aspects of life.


We are professional Mediators accredited by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (the MII).  We are bound by the MII Code of Ethics and Practice, have a compulsory programme of Continuing Professional Development and are required to have appropriate professional indemnity insurance.  MII Mediators are subject to independent regulation and a complaints procedure is in place.


Additionally,  we have all received very specific training in Elder Mediation - the training covered areas such as Intergenerational Dynamics, Elder Abuse, Family and Elder Law, Grief and Loss, Ageism, Dementia and Chronic Diseases, Financial and Estate Issues and Ethical Issues around Elder Mediation.


Click on the names below each photo to see a short biography of each of our mediators.

Brian O’Neill