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We provide training for mediators who want to develop skills in Elder Mediation.  Our work with families has confirmed the need for specialised training and sensitisation to the issues we face as Elder Mediators. We are convinced that standards and ethics are underpinned by robust training and reflective practice as defined by the Elder Mediation International Network. We offer professional training for those who want to pursue international accreditation in Elder Mediation.


Our experience of working with families has also led us to design a number of workshops which aim to prevent and/or resolve common communication and relationship challenges associated with ageing. We also offer specialised training in Conflict Resolution to healthcare professionals working with older people and their families.


Our next Elder Mediation training course is being held in Autumn 2023 (Days 1-3) and Spring b2024 (days 4-6), provided that there is sufficient interest.  If you are interested, please email



Elder Mediation Training

Training of mediators for Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) international certification in Elder Mediation


  Training Schedule



Training for those dealing with issues of ageing


 Conflict Resolution Skills for healthcare professionals working with older people and their families


Ageing in Families Workshop


 Handling Difficult Conversations in the Family


 Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills for Carers and Family members




For more information on both our training and workshops please email