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Working with you on a one to-one basis we can help you deal with situations that are often tricky to resolve within families on your own. We meet with you for approximately two hours and during that period we would work with you in a supportive, non-judgemental way to:


 help you step back from the situation and give you an opportunity to talk about your concerns in a confidential, non- judgemental setting

 help you clarify what you would like to be the best outcome for you/your mother/father etc

 work with you to ensure you can identify the best way to deal with your concerns

 help you identify the steps you need to take to achieve what is best for your mother/father, you, etc

 if engaging with the other members of your family, healthcare professionals, nursing home, etc is the option you choose, we will help you prepare for that meeting or conversation so that you can achieved your desired outcome in a planned and structured way with the best interests of your mother/father etc at heart.


It may be helpful for your brother/sister etc to come and have a one to one meeting with us too.  S/he may wish to work with one of the other members of the LLM team if you feel that would work best for them.