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Helen Harnett has witnessed many times how mediation is hugely beneficial for families who need to plan, make decisions and/or find a way forward out of conflict.  An accredited Mediator and Conflict Coach, she has worked as a family and workplace Mediator since 2005. She holds an international accreditation in Elder Mediation and is Chair of the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN). Helen is a member of the Third Age Advisory Group and the Stakeholder Group for the DCU Dementia Elevator Project. She is a former Director of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (the MII) and MII Workplace and Organisational Liaison.

Helen has vast experience in the design and delivery of customised training programmes in the corporate, academic and voluntary sectors including training on Conflict Management, Mediation and Communications. As consultant to the Hospice-friendly Hospitals Programme, she designed and delivered a pioneering project to improve the quality of communication between staff, relatives and residents in a residential care facility for older people (2007-2009). She has also delivered training to managers and staff in over 20 residential care facilities for older people.

Helen holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Nancy in France, an Advanced Diploma in European Studies from the European University Centre in Nancy and a Higher Diploma in Education from TCD. She lectures in Dublin City University on Intercultural Communication on the Master’s in Intercultural Studies and European Business Programmes.


Helen Harnett