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The websites below are useful for giving more information on Elder Mediation and associated issues:


Elder Mediation International Network


Elder Mediation Austria


Elder Mediation Australasia Network


Alzheimer Society of Ireland


Third Age National Advocacy Programme



Books which people have found useful:


Family Communication

Difficult Conversations: Stone, Patton and Heen, Penguin Books

How to raise and discuss what matters most in all aspects of life.

How to say it to Seniors: David Solie, Prentice Hall Press.

Guidelines on communicating effectively with older people.  


Adult Family Dynamics

They’re Your Parents, Too!  Francine Russo, Bantam Books.

Helpful insights and advice for siblings who need to work together to navigate the many challenges posed by parents growing older.

Mom Always Liked You Best:  Arline Kardasis et al, Agreement Resources

A guide to resolving family disputes, inheritance battles and issues about care planning.  Step by step guide to the challenging transitions of parents later years.


Care Giving and Planning

A Caregiver’s Guide for Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases: Judy McCann-Beranger, Acorn Press

How to adapt and give declining loved ones the best possible care is central to this practical and user- friendly guide.

The Complete Eldercare Planner: Joy Loverde, Harmony

Where to Start, Which Questions to Ask and How to find Help.   Help to successfully plan and manage eldercare and caregiving issues.


Practical Information for the Irish Context

Senior Citizen:  The Essential Guide Book 2014, Home Instead, Ashville Media Group.  

Useful information, expert advice and contacts for older people and their families,

The Irish Pensioners Handbook

Free guide providing practical information and advice for seniors and carers



Creating Excellence in Dementia Care

Evidence-based research to support Ireland’s National Dementia Strategy.


Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation: A New Solution To Age-Old Problems, John Bertschler & Patricia Bertschler, NCS Publishing

Educational and inspiring for anyone investigating the field of Elder Mediation.



Videos of Interest


This video is designed to provide a general introduction to dementia:

Dementia Elevator Project Video