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Sad News



We are very sorry to announce the passing of Claire Kearney, our beloved colleague.  Claire was integral to everything that we in Later Life Mediation have done over the past more than 10 years and we relied heavily on her skill, integrity and wisdom in all of our work.  She has been a wonderful friend to the three of us but also has made a deep impression on anyone with whom she came into contact.  Claire was a skilled mediator and has taught and influenced us in how we operate, as well as being generous in sharing her knowledge with others.


We offer our deepest sympathies to her husband, Peter, her family and friends.




Welcome to Later Life Mediation, leading providers of  Elder Mediation in Ireland. We offer a confidential and cost-effective service to families who want to plan, prevent problems and resolve issues which may arise due to the ageing of family members or friends.


To get an idea of what it is we do, check out the radio interview that Frances had with Miriam O’Callaghan on Radio 1.  You can listen back to the interview here:        Radio Interview


We facilitate family meetings and offer private consultations  to ensure that essential conversations and decisions have the best possible outcomes for all. We also provide specialised training in Elder Mediation for mediators seeking international certification.

 Issues we can help with:

· Decisions about living arrangements

· Organising support and care at home

· Making decisions after a diagnosis of dementia

· Handling contentious issues while in Nursing Home care

· Decisions about Financial Planning

· Planning business/farm succession

· New Partnerships/Marriages

· Issues with Step/Blended Families

· Decisions about Legal Planning - Enduring Power of Attorney and Wills

· End of Life Decisions

· Assisting public service bodies like the HSE

To gain an insight into how we work

       listen to our colleague Frances Stephenson’s interview with Miriam O’Callaghan,

       or you may prefer to read the Irish Times Health Supplement interview about Later Life Mediation.


JUST ANNOUNCED - Training Programme 2023/24

Later Life Mediation has just announced that our next Elder Mediation training program will take place on November 27th, 28th and 29th 2023 (Days 1-3) and April 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2024 (Days 4-6), provided there is sufficient number of applicants.  The course will take place at the Avila Centre in Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. Please indicate your interest by sending an email to