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Introducing Elder Mediation: Characteristics and Nuances


In this training course Later Life Mediation presenters will highlight some of the complexities involved in mediating age-related issues in adult families.


Who is this course for?

Accredited mediators who want to inform themselves about  the characteristic and nuances of  Elder  Mediation. Hours will be recognised for EMIN accreditation.



 The Emergence of Elder Mediation internationally and in Ireland

 Case Studies revealing the specifics of Elder Mediation

 Introduction to the characteristics and nuances of Elder Mediation

( including reference to Dementia, Capacity, Legal issues, Elder Abuse, Bereavement, Grief and Loss, the dynamics of ageing and intergenerational dynamics, Ageism)

 Transfer of learning through skills practice


Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain an insight into:

 the specific knowledge and skills required to function as an Elder Mediator

 the benefits of Elder Mediation to adult families

 challenges encountered by presenters in their own cases.



Inputs from facilitators, DVD extracts, small group work and role play.

The course will be interactive and will allow time for discussion and questions.  



1 day



100 euro per day per participant